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Your Guide to the Sector Pro Harness

by Thomas Fox 09 Feb 2024

Welcome Tournament Paintball Players! It's time to redefine how you play with the Sector Pro Harness, the latest revolution in paintball gear, crafted for those who demand performance, flexibility, and style on the battlefield.


🏆 Trusted by Champions

Join the ranks of elite players from ‘Tampa Bay Damage’ who trust the Sector Pro Harness. When victory is measured in split-second moves, your gear should keep up!


🥇 Designed for High Performance

  • Featherweight Feel: Engineered with a lightweight compact design, focus on swift moves, not the weight on your back.
  • Slip Resistance: Never worry about your pack budging, thanks to our non-slip coated rear panel.
  • Breathe Easy: With a fully ventilated back cushion, stay cool under the most intense conditions.
  • Flexible Build: No rigid parts! Our design excludes all hard components to try to help turn some hits into bounces.
  • Weather-Proof: Our concealed elastic shield cover protects your pods from rain or sun, so you’re paint stays game ready.
  • Sneaky Stash: Keep your valuables close and hidden with the integrated zipper stash pocket.
  • No Bounce Design: With bounce-resistant fits, every dive and slide ends in confidence, not spilled pods.
  • Quick-Draw System: Identify and access your pods swiftly with labeled pod holsters.


💼 Take the Win, Comfortably

Sector Pro Harness is not just smart, it’s comfortable. Get into the zone and stay there – the ergonomic secure-fit belt adapts to your waist, ensuring zero distractions.


Don’t let heavy, cumbersome gear hold you back. It’s time to propel your play with Sector Pro Harness — where ease meets efficacy. Click below and add the game-changer to your paintball artillery.

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